Going... Going... Gone!

If its Hodaka Days, then it must be time for another auction.

 All proceeds go to support the Hodaka Club and Hodaka Days.  The silent auction is Friday June 23 and Saturday June 24 with a few choice item held over to be auctioned off at the awards banquet Staurday night.

Don't miss out on unique one of a kind items and some great deals.

We always have some very cool contributions being offered to the winning bidders. Some of the items so far include:

Foam air filter maintenance kits

Clarke Tanks

T-shirts, hats, gloves, pants, logo umbrellas


Hodaka services

Hodaka parts

Unique memorabilla

Brake shoes

Maxima Oils products

Flywheel pullers

Racing banners

We’ll be adding items to the list between now and the event. Let us know what you might contribute: Hodaka parts, small or large, memorabilia (original posters, advertisements, magazine articles, logo-shirts, hats, autographed items, etc.) or any other Hodaka-based item that would be of interest to Hodakaphiles! If you are flying in, tuck some small items (carburetors, ads, radial-finned heads) into your suitcase. 

All contributed items will be displayed, so everyone can see what will be auctioned. Sorry no credit  cards, cash or check only.

Questions? Suggestions? What are you planning to contribute? Share your plans, so others know what all will be available to buy! Once again, Bob Whitman will be coordinating the auction action; contact him at


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